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In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the initial ways that ketamine therapy works to benefit those dealing with depression. From its dissociative effects to its ability to reconnect brain synapses, ketamine treatment may be highly beneficial for those managing depression - and that's not even the full list of benefits, either.

At A Mind's Journey, we're here to offer caring ketamine therapy treatments for depression, anxiety, PTSD and other conditions to patients in Sandy, South Jordan, Draper and nearby parts of Utah. Today's part two of our series will look at some of the other ways ketamine therapy positively impacts the brain for those managing depression.

Reactivating Glutamate Receptors

Within the brain, certain neurons that help regulate mood use a neurotransmitter chemical known as glutamate to communicate and send signals. However, for some people with depression, their bodies may not respond to these signals as normally.

Ketamine works to reactivate the receptors that are affected by this issue, effectively improving communication among neurons and restoring normal neural signaling. Ketamine therapy helps stock new glutamate receptors in this way.

Now, more research is still needed in this area - including to determine whether opioid receptors are also part of this picture. However, this is one likely benefit of ketamine therapy for those with depression.

Shifting the Brain Out of Depression

Between glutamate receptors we just discussed and the re-engaging of brain synapses that we went over in part one of our series, ketamine therapy may help shift the brain out of a state of depression.

This occurs as a result of an improved neural signaling throughout the brain that allows for better regulation in mood and emotion-related areas - leading to decreased levels of depressive symptoms that can last for long periods of time. These effects can be found even in people who did not respond well to other options like antidepressants or psychotherapy - this is because it affects the brain in a different way that has been found to be beneficial.

Affordable and Flexible

Finally, an often overlooked aspect of ketamine therapy for those managing depression is that it's affordable and flexible. Now, some medical insurance plans may cover part or all of the cost - but even if not, many clinics offer competitive and attractive rates.

Plus, most treatments don't take more than a few hours to complete - so you can fit them into a busy schedule. That being said, the exact timeline of treatments depends on the clinic and the specific patient - so be sure to speak with your provider for more information about what works best for you.

With ketamine therapy, those managing depression may find relief from their symptoms in ways other treatments have not been able to provide. To learn more about this or any of the other conditions our ketamine therapy programs assist many patients with, contact our team at A Mind's Journey today!

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