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There are several examples of our changing understanding altering the way certain substances are perceived, and ketamine is a fantastic example. Long considered an illicit and often-abused pleasure drug, ketamine has more recently been revealed as a beneficial form of treatment for several mental conditions, including depression, anxiety and more.

At A Mind's Journey, we offer caring and compassionate ketamine treatments for depression, PTSD, anxiety and other conditions for patients in South Jordan, Sandy, Draper and other parts of Utah - part of a larger movement known as ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. What is ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, and how has the perception of this drug changed in major ways? This two-part blog series will give some answers here, plus look at some of the many ways this approach is beneficial to some people.

Basics on Ketamine and Its History

It's important to understand that ketamine is not new. It was introduced as an anesthetic all the way back in 1970, and it has been used in this capacity since then. However, its potential to benefit mental health conditions was not realized until much later.

Specifically, it has been revealed that ketamine provides rapid relief from Major Depressive Disorder and other mental conditions - but does so in different ways than SSRIs, which require a buildup over time to work. This means that many people can see a massive improvement in mood and outlook, sometimes within hours of being administered ketamine.

Additionally, it appears to be effective for those who have not been able to benefit from traditional antidepressants or therapies - making it a great supplemental treatment for some. What’s more, there are very few side effects associated with ketamine, and the risk of developing an addiction is significantly lower than it is with other drugs such as benzodiazepines. This has made it much more attractive to those seeking treatments for mental health conditions.

The Misconceptions Around Ketamine

There are a few major misconceptions out there about ketamine, the most notable being that it's a "club drug" or something to be abused. While it is true that ketamine has been used for recreational purposes, this does not mean it is inherently bad - any more than a bottle of wine should be considered tainted because some people might use it as an excuse to drink too much.

The fact is that when taken in the proper dosage and administered under medical supervision, ketamine can be an effective treatment for those who need it - even those who have not responded to other treatments. It is important to remember that it isn’t a cure-all and isn’t suitable for everyone, but in the right situation, it can provide much needed relief from depression or anxiety.

In part two of our series, we'll go over how ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is applied today, plus some of the key benefits it carries for many people. For more on this or any of our caring ketamine treatments for patients in Sandy, Draper, South Jordan and other parts of Utah, contact us at A Mind's Journey today.

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