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Ketamine Misconceptions: Format, Timing, Conditions

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the common misconceptions out there about ketamine therapy and ketamine as a treatment. From past stigmas about its legality to several other areas, there are sadly a few such misconceptions out there -- correcting them is important to us, as it gives

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South Jordan Ketamine Misconceptions: Cure-All, Legality, Safety

For many people who are just learning about them, the realm of ketamine therapy and ketamine infusions is completely new. Many are looking for simple information about this treatment format, and it's important to talk to experts here for a few reasons -- one of which is avoiding any misconceptions or incorrect information that might

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Telling Others About Ketamine Therapy: Testimonials and Patience

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how to talk to other people in your life about ketamine therapy. Whether you're trying to convince a friend or loved one to try out ketamine therapy or are simply looking to explain your own therapy to someone who doesn't understand,

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Telling Others About Ketamine Therapy: Audience and Information

As ketamine treatments have become more and more popular and beneficial for a variety of conditions and issues in recent years, there are some who either haven't heard of these or, in other cases, are hesitant for a few reasons. Whether it's a stigma due to ketamine's past perception or concerns about side effects, those

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Post-Ketamine Therapy: Feelings You May Experience

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on what you should be expecting following a ketamine therapy appointment. Ketamine therapy can be beneficial to people for a variety of needs, but like many other forms of treatment, there may be some minor side effects or other considerations to keep

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Post-Ketamine Therapy: What Sandy Patients Can Expect

For many who are considering ketamine therapy treatments for a few different conditions, this will be a relatively new world where you have some basic questions. One of the most common subjects here: What patients can expect following ketamine therapy treatment. At A Mind's Journey, we're proud to not only provide quality ketamine therapy treatments to

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Medications That May Decrease Ketamine Therapy Effectiveness

Just like with many other types of medicine you may consider for various conditions, those looking into ketamine treatments for a variety of needs should be ensuring they don't improperly mix this with other medications. There are just a couple popular medications that may alter the effectiveness of ketamine in certain ways, and knowing

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