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We're often asked a number of basic questions about our ketamine therapy treatments by first-time clients, and perhaps the single most common line of questioning here revolves around the experience itself. People naturally want to know what kind of experience they're going to have during such treatments -- are they going to hallucinate? Will it be a spiritual experience? There are many such related queries we receive.

And at A Mind's Journey, our staff is always happy to answer questions and provide guidance on our ketamine therapy treatments for PTSD, anxiety and several other conditions. In this two-part blog series, we'll go over some of the simple guidance we often provide to new clients on what the experience will be like, what to expect and more.

Everyone's Experience is Different

Before we move any further, the single most important lesson from this entire series is this: everyone's experience with ketamine is going to be different. Some people will have hallucinations, some people will report out-of-body experiences and some people will just feel really, really good. There's no way to predict how any one person is going to react to ketamine therapy.

That said, there are definitely some general trends that we've seen in our clients over the years. In general, most people report a sense of peace and well-being during their treatment, along with a heavy feeling in their limbs. Some people will have visual hallucinations (often described as "watching a movie in your head"), while others will hear things (like music or voices).

It's important to keep in mind that these hallucinations are not reality, and they will fade away as the ketamine starts to wear off.

You Might Not See or Feel Anything

Relatedly, there are plenty of situations where those who receive ketamine treatments experience virtually no hallucinations or out-of-body experiences at all. Instead, they just feel really good -- relaxed, happy and free from anxiety or pain. This is perfectly normal, and nothing to be worried about.

In fact, many of our clients come to us specifically seeking this feeling of euphoria and well-being, particularly those who suffer from conditions like anxiety or depression. And while ketamine therapy might not be right for everyone, it has helped innumerable people find the peace and happiness they so desperately crave.

Focus on What You Can Control

From the moment you decide to move forward with ketamine therapy, it's important to focus on the things that you can control. You can't control whether or not you'll have hallucinations, or what those hallucinations will be like. But what you can control is your mindset going into the treatment, and how you react to whatever does happen.

The best way to approach ketamine therapy is with an open mind. Be receptive to whatever does happen, even if it's not what you were expecting. And most importantly, don't be afraid to ask questions or voice concerns to your therapist at any point during the treatment. We're here to help you through the entire process, and ensure that you have the best possible experience.

In part two of our series, we'll go over some further tips here. For more on the ketamine therapy experience, or to learn about any of our ketamine therapy programs or services, speak to our caring staff at A Mind's Journey today.

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