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post-ketamine therapy feelings

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on what you should be expecting following a ketamine therapy appointment. Ketamine therapy can be beneficial to people for a variety of needs, but like many other forms of treatment, there may be some minor side effects or other considerations to keep in mind.

At A Mind's Journey, we're thrilled to offer quality ketamine treatments to clients throughout Sandy and other parts of Utah, treating numerous conditions: Anxiety, depression, PTSD and more. We're also happy to inform our patients of what they can generally expect following treatment, plus how to prepare. Here are a few additional areas to keep in mind.

Feeling Confused or Uncertain

In some cases, the experience of a ketamine therapy session may leave you feeling somewhat confused or uncertain about what's going on. You may experience some slight disorientation or be able to recall only parts of your treatment, along with the fact that you felt safe and secure at all times.

Don't worry – this is completely normal, especially if you're treating anxiety with ketamine therapy. Our staff has years of experience administering a variety of different types of treatments, plus working with patients who are experiencing anxiety. We're here to help you through the process, including answering any questions that might come up following treatment.

Feeling Inspired, Peaceful and Glorified

It's important to note that while some side effects of ketamine therapy treatments are generally not desirable, there are plenty of other cases where you may walk away from the appointment feeling somewhat inspired, peaceful and glorified. In addition to treatment for anxiety or depression, ketamine can help boost confidence, increase feelings of positivity and overall wellness, along with a sense of overall happiness.

In fact, a number of patients who have received ketamine treatments at A Mind's Journey have admitted that they feel happier and more positive than before their appointment. Many of them have also reported significant improvements in their everyday lives, such as feeling like they've been given a new lease on life – not to mention more energy and motivation to get things done each day.

Feeling Introspective

Many ketamine treatments involve looking deeply inward and into your thoughts and feelings, such as those that come with anxiety. This may allow you to gain a valuable, new perspective on your life and how you can move forward in a positive direction. And while this introspection isn't always easy at first, our team is dedicated to making sure you get the most out of it and feel comfortable throughout the process.

Remember, as we noted in part one, that all experiences with ketamine are different. Our team will be here to work with you through any side effects or feelings you experience following your treatment.

For more on this or any of our ketamine therapy programs, speak to the staff at A Mind's Journey Today.

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